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Bringing Fan Insights Into Focus

Access to the sports and entertainment industry's most complete look into the hearts and minds of fans across sports. Vision's services provide clients with dedicated resources for measuring sponsorship performance and an unmatched understanding of today's dynamic fans

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Vision Insights?

Historically, consumer profiling and exposure analysis tools have not been created with sports, entertainment or sponsorship objectives in mind. 

Our industry has been forced to work with tools and solutions that were not built for it, which is why so many solutions fall short (e.g. limitations on sample, markets, categories, accuracy, speed, etc.).

Therefore, we wanted to create solutions and products that serve the needs of our industry better than the status quo.

Enter Vision Insights.

Syndicated and Custom Solutions Related to the Following:

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Understand who your fan base is, how they spend their time and why they choose to follow a sport/team. Trend sponsorship performance, accurately opportunity size and uncover insights into what makes a fan base tick.

The information you need in order to decide whether a financial investment is worth it.

Expert analysis on which sponsorships, their associated assets and accompanying terms provide brands with the most significant return on investment and objectives.

Confidently measure the market value for exposure being driven by a sponsorship and how that correlates with sponsorship performance.

Where other providers end, we excel.

We are data story tellers and strive to make everyone we work with, better at what they do.


Long gone are the days of being solely data providers. Our industry demands insights into the meaning of data and we provide our clients with workshops and consultation that allow sponsorship marketers to connect the dots.

Recent Insights

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Fan Response to Sponsorship

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The Big Game and Brand Exposure 

Local Market Sponsorship Performance

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