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Purpose-built data and measurement solutions for sports and sponsorship marketers

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What's available:​

  • Youth Fan Data (age 13+)

  • Syndicated Sponsorship Measurement

  • Fan Journey Insights and Gameday Behaviors

  • Monthly Data Trending

  • Sponsorship Category Consumption and Customer Status

  • First-in-class User Interface with API Delivery

  • Consistent data across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico



What this means for users:

  • In-depth insight into fans during formative years

  • Data that fuels fan engagement and fan base growth

  • The largest collection of sports-specific fan insights in North America ​

  • The ability to track sponsorship performance month-by-month

  • The easiest fan insights tool to use in the industry

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What's available:​

  • Syndicated broadcast analysis for nine (9) sports in North America

  • Unlimited logo library

  • Image recognition powered by VISUA 

  • Full-frame rate video analysis

  • Spot-rate based media valuation methodology based on SMI ad spend data

  • Instant logo learning

  • The Vision Impact Score (VIS) - quality of visibility index

  • One (1) week turnaround for syndicated analysis

What this means for users:

  • 2,900% increase in logo/image detail compared to other competitive services

  • Valuation methodology based on actual ad spend to reflect fair market value of exposure

  • A quality of visibility index that allows sponsorship marketers to make informed decisions on logo positioning and design 

  • No more waiting weeks for results

  • Context across professional and collegiate sports that fuels sponsorship activation best practices


What's available:

  • Sponsorship Impact Studies

  • Fan Segmentation Analysis

  • Economic Impact

  • Event Satisfaction

  • Fan Experience

  • Onsite Research + Live Events

  • Creative Optimization

  • IP Effectiveness

The Vision Insights research team is a congregation of some of the most experienced brand and sponsorship measurement professionals in the world.

Our ability to get to the bottom of sports-specific topics and uncover the root cause of fan and sponsorship related behavior is unmatched within our industry (over 100+ years experience in sports-based research). 

Sports is what we do and in our DNA and providing sponsors, rights holders and agencies with cutting edge analysis and research is our #1 goal.

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